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Excellence in Hair Extension & Wigs Manufacturing, Exports & Quality Products

As a trusted manufacturer and exporter of hair extensions, we take pride in delivering exceptional quality products that meet the highest industry standards.


We are the manufacturer of Virgin hair Extension and Wigs from India.


We export best quality products from India related to Hair Extension and Wigs.

Quality Products

We at HAIRS MODA manufacture the best quality Hair Products .

Hairs Moda by Burak Global

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Serving the best Hair Extension Service in India

Welcome to “HAIRS MODA”, a trademark registered brand owned by “BURAK GLOBAL”. If you are looking for best hair extensions in India, you are at the right place. We are Virgin hair manufacturer in India, selling our products globally in both wholesale and retail. Our virgin hair extensions are made of 100% human hair. You can color them and style according to your choice.

Since “HAIRS MODA” R&D involved in Italy and both Manufacturing and Exports from India due to its procurement Direct source of raw material & Ethical Economy labour. Along with the best quality hair extensions, what you get is the best hair extensions price ,since you are directly purchasing from the manufacturer.

Colour Bar

Hair Color Bar

A hair color bar is a dedicated section or service within a salon or hair extension company that specializes in providing hair coloring solutions. It is a space where skilled colorists work their magic, offering a wide range of hair coloring techniques and services to meet the unique preferences and needs of clients.

At a hair color bar, clients can consult with professional colorists who have expertise in color theory and the latest trends. These experts can guide clients through the color selection process, taking into account factors such as skin tone, eye color, and personal style. They use their knowledge to recommend the most suitable hair colors and techniques to achieve the desired look.

Colour Chart

Hair Colour Chart

A hair colour chart is a visual representation of different hair colours and shades available for individuals to choose from. It serves as a reference tool to help people identify and select the desired hair colour for their hair transformation. Hair colour charts typically display a wide range of shades, including natural tones, highlights, lowlights, and fashion colours.

Hair colour charts often organize colours into categories such as blondes, brunettes, reds, and blacks, with various subcategories and nuances within each group. They can also include swatches or color samples to give a more accurate depiction of how the colours will appear on different hair types and skin tones.

Our Products

Let us check the categories of all the products.

We offer a diverse range of hair extension products, including bulk hair, weft hair extensions, wigs, toppers, tape hair extensions, keratin hair extensions, clip-on hair extensions, and toupees.

Bulk Hair

Experience the versatility of bulk hair extensions, perfect for customizing your desired style and length.

Weft Hair Extension

Enhance your natural locks with weft hair extensions, providing seamless integration and added volume.


Discover the transformative power of wigs, offering endless possibilities for different looks and styles.


Add instant coverage and volume with a topper, the perfect solution for thinning or damaged hair.

Tape Hair Extension

Enjoy the convenience of tape hair extensions, providing a secure and discreet attachment method.

Keratin Hair Extension

Achieve a long-lasting and natural look with keratin hair extensions, fused seamlessly to your own hair.

Clip on Hair Extension

Effortlessly change your hairstyle with clip-on hair extensions, allowing for easy application and removal.


Find the perfect solution for hair loss or thinning with our high-quality toupees, designed for a natural appearance.

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24*7 Customer Service

You can reach the Hairs moda service team at any time around the clock. No matter big or small customers will feel our heartfelt service in Hairs moda.

Private label service

If you are looking for building your own brand and customizing your hair extension or wigs product with a full set of logo designs and packaging designs, Hairs moda will be your best choice. You will surprisedly find numerous options available here when you choose Hairs Moda.

International Hair Quality Grading and Color System

All Hairs Moda hair extension conform to the standard of international hair quality grading and color system.

Full Range of Hair Extension Products Line

Most of the hair products on the market can be produced by HAIRS MODA, including all types of hair extensions, lace wigs with silk tops, wigs, medical wigs, hair toppers for men and women, and so on.

Why Choose Us

Exceptional Quality and Unmatched Service

“Choose Us for Superior Hair Extensions: Exceptional Quality and Unmatched Service”

At HAIRS MODA, we take pride in offering hair extensions of the highest quality, crafted with precision and care. Our dedication to excellence ensures that you receive extensions that seamlessly blend with your natural hair, providing a flawless and natural look.

Best known for a good extension

Hair extensions are a popular and versatile beauty solution that allows individuals to transform their hair instantly.


Hair Texture

Hair texture refers to the natural pattern and feel of an individual’s hair strands. It is determined by the shape and structure of the hair follicles. There are several different hair textures, including straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. Each texture has its own unique characteristics and styling needs.

Straight hair is characterized by its smooth, sleek appearance and tends to reflect more light, giving it a shiny look. Wavy hair has gentle curves and can range from loose waves to more defined S-shaped waves. Curly hair forms tight, spiral or ringlet-shaped curls, and it tends to be more prone to frizz and dryness. Kinky hair has tight, densely coiled curls or coils, and it requires extra care to maintain moisture and prevent breakage.

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